Our vineyard and our cider house

Our vineyard and our cider house

To get to know our Domaine better, as well as the entire team and the passion that drives us, here is the summary of our journey and our projects.< /h5>

Coming from a completely different professional background, we wanted to dive into another universe to create something beautiful , good and unifying. The charm of the region and especially that of the farmhouse and orchard at 331 was the trigger at the end of 2017.   We always knew what we did not know. With rapid and sustained learning, surrounded by experts, focusing on the best practices adapted to the Quebec climate, science and all Quebec know-how, the Domaine ValBrome team produces classic and innovative ciders and wines, highlighting the freshness of our products.

Always with the intention of planting vines, cider naturally entered our notebook, with a first production 2019, with apples to eat. At the same time, a new cider apple orchard was created. You know Golden Russet, Geneva, but also Yarmington Mills, Kingston Black, Bulmer’s Norman, etc. ?In addition to our classic ciders, a new range of ciders is emerging from us. Beyond the manufacturing process, in closed vats or by fermentation in bottles, the Domaine’s cider meets the varied tastes of our customers.

As of 2019, we planted 8,000 vine plants, including Vidal, Seyval, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Marechal Foch- Lucy Kulhman, Carbernet Franc and Pinot noir. Our recent harvest allowed us to produce 6 wines: A Rosé, a Vidal, A Chardonnay, A Gewürztraminer, a Pinot noir as well as a red blend. In the summer of 2022, we added 13,000 plants of these same grape varieties.

In the field, we rely on the best weeding technology and the best practices in the cellar, in pre-certification towards the organic, in addition to protecting our vines with our winter canvases. With our choice of production processes, all of our vines produce lively wines, with lovely acidities that will please you. Come taste and appreciate our products. Hope to meet you.

Domaine ValBrome

Located a few minutes from Bromont and Knowlton, directly on the Wine Route.

Opening Hours

May 10th to October 31st:
Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For other days, follow our detailed schedule on Facebook and Google.



Contact Us

331, chemin de Brome
Ville Lac-Brome (Fulford), Québec
J0E 1S0

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Telephone : 514 916-4165

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